Achieve stranded RNA-seq library preparation from single cells and total RNA from any quality

Thursday, July 5, 2018
10:30 AM CEST
Matthieu Pesant, PhD

Matthieu Pesant, PhD
Product Manager - Scientific Support Specialist
Takara Bio Europe

The SMART-Seq® Stranded Kit is now available and pushes the limits of single-cell RNA-seq further.
Our new complete and streamlined workflow now allows to:

  • Generate high-quality stranded RNA-seq data from as little as a single cell or ultra-low total RNA amounts of any quality 
  • Achieve unmatched sensitivity for coding and non-coding transcript detection 
  • Perform whole transcriptome analysis at the single-cell level from precious and degraded FFPE and LCM samples 
  • Perform cell-free RNA-seq for biomarker discovery from liquid biopsies

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