Innovative Technologies to Accelerate Cloning & His-tagged Protein Purification Workflows

The use of ligation-based cloning, protein expression, and resin-based protein purification technologies can be time consuming and expensive, depending upon the nature of the protein being studied. Join our live webinar to discover innovative tools to overcome these challenges:

  • Speed up construct generation using In-Fusion HD Cloning Plus – an innovative Next-Gen cloning system that allows rapid (15 mins), accurate (over 95% cloning efficiency), seamless (no extra bases) and sequence independent cloning of ANY insert into ANY vector at ANY locus.
  • Achieve fast (5-15 mins) and easy purification of high quality and concentrated His-tagged proteins using our high capacity membrane based Next-Gen Capturem™ technology.

Malathi Raman, PhD


Malathi Raman, PhD
Senior Product Manager
Takara Bio Europe