Immunogenomics to accelerate immunotherapy – New solutions for T-cell and B-cell receptor profiling

Development of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and immune cell-based therapies are instrumental in fighting against infectious diseases and immune-related diseases like cancer. A better understanding of the diversity of T-cell and B-cell receptors (TCRs and BCRs) is key to gain insights into the adaptive immune response in healthy individuals but also those with a wide range of diseases.

Join our webinar to learn how profiling the immune repertoire of lymphocytes can help you making breakthroughs in immunotherapy. This webinar will cover the following topics:

  Brief overview of our solutions for TCR profiling

  New solution for Human BCR Profiling

    • SMARTer® Human BCR IgG IgM H/K/L Profiling Kit and Takara Bio Immune Profiler Software
    • BCR specific Illumina-ready sequencing libraries and includes unique molecular identifiers (UMI) for accurate clonotype analysis
    • Takara Bio Immune Profiler Software for PCR duplicates and errors correction and reliable clonotype calling and quantification

Meet the Speakers

Qiang Li, PhD

Qiang Li, PhD
R&D Scientist
Takara Bio USA, Inc.

Matthieu Pesant, PhD

Matthieu Pesant, PhD
Product Manager, NGS
Takara Bio Europe