On-Demand Webinar:
Cellartis® PowerTM Primary HEP Medium—New Breakthrough for Long-Term Drug Metabolism & Toxicity Studies

New breakthrough for long-term maintenance of primary human hepatocytes in 2D cultures

Human primary hepatocytes (hphep cells) are the gold standard for many research areas, including in vitro evaluation of drug metabolism, safety assessment of drug candidates, drug-drug interactions, and disease modeling. However, a significant limitation of hphep cells is their rapid loss of function when cultured in 2D cultures which largely restricts their utility.

To enable long-term cultures of primary hepatocytes in user-friendly 2D-culture formats, we developed a new medium that maintains healthy, functional human primary hepatocytes for up to four weeks in culture—without the need of 3D or sandwich cultures—overcoming a key limitation of hphep cells.

Join us for a webinar presented by Dr. Barbara Kuppers-Munther. The webinar will cover data on human primary hepatocytes cultured in Power medium for four weeks, including:


  • Maintenance of human primary hepatocyte viability and typical morphology
  • Ability to support stable albumin secretion 
  • Demonstration of stable CYP activity and induction of CYP expression following long-term culture

Dr. Barbara Kuppers-Munther
Senior Scientist/Group Leader
Takara Bio Europe AB

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